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Vastuna is a Deep Hole Drilling Machines manufacture. It was established in 2010. In the begining stage, we supplying precision machine tools part (casting parts with precision machining and filtration systems). And also supplying high qualitity deep hole drilling machines (Gundrilling machines and BTA drilling machines). Our products exported to China, Canada, Singapore and Europe.

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  What is "Deep Hole Drilling"?  

A deep hole is defined as one that is a minimum of 10 times its diameter in depth. On the maximum side, a deep hole drilling is generally capable of drilling to a depth of 100 to 150 times its diameter. And hole deeper than 10 times the diameter should certainly be considered a deep hole, requiring a specialised drilling technique.

Deep hole drilling are characterized by high material removal rate plus high accuracy with regard to the straightness of the hole, surface finish and dimensional tolerances. The extreme conditions which apply when drilling deep holes place high demands on the tool, machine and associated equipment

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